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Interpretation (Phone)

Phone Interpretation

Corporate Translations offers consecutive and simultaneous onsite interpreting services, as well as over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), performed by experienced professional interpreters certified by the state and/or federal government.

Consecutive interpretation, in which the speaker pauses at regular intervals to allow the interpreter to render their interpretation, is ideal for small-group communications (i.e. meetings, training sessions, medical consultations, depositions and interviews).  The interpreter assimilates the speaker’s words, then conveys the content of the speech during the speaker’s pauses.  Consecutive interpretation is defined by a fluid, give-and-take rhythm.

In simultaneous interpretation, best suited for larger conferences (and perhaps most famously used at the United Nations), the interpreter is charged with interpreting the speaker’s words as they are spoken.  In addition to the most highly skilled interpreters, who must essentially listen and speak at the same time, this method requires wireless electronic equipment and technical-support personnel, which Corporate Translations can also provide.

Our telephone-interpretation services, meanwhile, are facilitated by a dedicated, password-protected 800 number that enables our clients to access interpreter-assisted conference calls in any language on demand (consecutive interpretation tends to be most effective in the OPI setting).

Like our exhaustively trained translators, Corporate Translation interpreters are native speakers and acknowledged experts in their fields – including the legal, medical, technical and insurance arenas – and are held to the most stringent standards of linguistic accuracy, neutrality and confidentiality.

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