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Corporate Translations’ Translator Application process consists of the following three steps:

1)     Résumé and Application
2)     Language Tests
3)     US Taxpayer ID and/or W-8 requirements

1. Résumé and Application:  The first step towards becoming an approved translator with Corporate Translations is to complete our application and provide a complete résumé. A completed résumé should include all source and target language pairs you are being considered for, specialized/technical subject areas or industries expertise, any relevant work experience, current certifications (ATA, etc.) any other valuable considerations and at least three references.

2. Language Test: We review applications as we have a need for translators between specific language pairs. If your application meets our requirements, and we have a need for your language pairs, you will be contacted by our company.  The language test consists of two parts; the first part is a preliminary telephone interview in both English and your tested target language.  The second part is a timed written Language Test.  After the successful completion of the telephone interview, a language test will be scheduled.  Our translation test between specific language pairs consists of up to one page of original (source) text.  Your translation must contain exactly the same information as the original and be written correctly in the tested (target) language.  It will be scored for both accuracy of content and quality of adaptation.  Your completed test will be scored by two separate Corporate Translations translators.  Both translators will be native-speaking in the target language being tested and their results compared. A final score will then be assigned to your test and submitted to management as part of your completed application package.

3. US Taxpayer ID and/or W-8 requirements: You will then be contacted by a member of Corporate Translations’ management team to discuss the results of your application, the opportunity that exists for you to join our team. We will also review our US Taxpayer ID and/or W-8 requirements for a project based translator.

** Translation tests are timed and you are allowed to use all of the resources you might rely on when completing a paid translation. For languages not available, we also utilize the services of an outside third-party language testing service. These services are generally engaged at Corporate Translations’ expense.

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