Corporate Translations, Inc.
Corporate Translations, Inc


Once the proofreading phase of translation has been completed, and all fine-tuning of your requirements has been logged, the document is either delivered to you as scheduled or prepared for desktop publishing.  

DESKTOP PUBLISHING (formatting) is performed by our graphics department, using all appropriate programs on either Windows or Macintosh platforms.  Like our linguists, our graphic designers work in a language-specific setting; as such, they are experienced in the graphical idiosyncrasies of each language.  During desktop publishing, your translated text is formatted by our designers to appear exactly as it did in its original, pre-translation form.  The formatted document then goes through additional, desktop-publishing proofreading by linguists until the formatting is completed.

After this POST-DESKTOP-PUBLISHING PROOFREADING and quality assessment, your final translated/formatted documents are ready for DELIVERY.  As specified by the project requirements, delivery may be to you directly, or to your preferred print vendor via e-mail, disk, or FTP at

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