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Audio/Visual, Voice-over and Subtitling

The effectiveness of corporate videos, product presentations, training programs, and many other types of content captured in audio/visual formats is amplified exponentially when they’re subtitled or equipped with voiceovers in multiple languages.  Collaborating with carefully selected transcribers and voiceover talent, our experienced linguists and editors will make sure your material realizes its desired results and expected returns in every language.

The first step in the process is transcription of the original audio.  The written transcript is presented to the client for their modification and approval.  The approved transcript is then translated by a native speaker with an expertise in the subject area.  The translated transcription is next edited by another native speaker to conform with timing and other multimedia specifications.  Corporate Translations’ quality-control policy dictates that the text is subsequently reviewed for accuracy and thoroughly proofread.

At this juncture, the finalized text is either inserted into the source medium as subtitles or configured as a script for recording by a skilled voiceover artist specially chosen by Corporate Translations to meet the voice requirements of the project.  This is followed by an exhaustive review for thematic continuity and, in the case of subtitled presentations, adherence to the subtitling standards of the target language.  Prior to delivery, the entire production is viewed to ensure that all production and quality specifications are met.  Finally, the finished product is submitted to the client in the same format as the original, or to meet any additional media requirements.

Providing comprehensive subtitling and voiceover services for audio visual programs is just another way in which Corporate Translations has made itself indispensable to its clients.

For estimating purposes, a rate of $ 185.00 / minute (with a $ 925.00 minimum) may be used confidently.  This per minute rate includes:

1)    English transcription from an most audio sources,
2)    Translation into most major languages from script transcription,
3)    Native-speaking voice-over recording with a bilingual director,
4)    Quality Control by a professional linguist prior to delivery in the client’s format.

* Conversion from and back to the original digital master source at additional cost.
* Final estimates based upon review of final files to be recorded.
* Additional services available at additional cost and estimated upon request. 

Please feel free to contact us to request a voice-over sample(s) for your next language project.