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Brand & Logo Analysis

Brand Name, Slogan & Logo Analysis

As part of Corporate Translations’ mission to provide its clients with comprehensive translation services, we offer brand name, slogan and logo analysis, and multilingual conflict research and assessment.  These services are implemented by a process developed over years of experience and carefully tailored to the client.  This ensures that your product will convey exactly the image you intend it to convey and avoid any unintended associations.

Even words that seem completely innocuous in one language may take on humorous or offensive connotations in another.  A Corporate Translations investigation can determine from the outset whether the name, logo or color you have selected will harmonize with the language and culture of the region you plan to enter.

Your Corporate Translations linguistic analyst will be a specially trained native speaker with a finely tuned understanding of the target culture achieved through continued residency in, or frequent travel to, the region.  Sensitivity to both formal and informal speech (slang, idioms) and to issues of color, design and imagery guide the analysis.  

The analyst is able to determine if the name of your product is too similar to that of another product being marketed in the region, and assess ease of pronunciation and likelihood of being remembered, among numerous other variables.   

Corporate Translations’ cross-cultural research, conflict evaluation  and other preemtive problem avoidance services will assist you in taking your product to foreign markets with complete confidence.